Our Gender Equality Strategy

  • Educating girls
  • Icreasing literacy rates among women
  • Increasing early childhood development interventions
  • Increasing women’s labor force participation and strengthening labor policies affecting women
  • Improving women’s access to credit, land and other resources
  • Promoting women’s political rights and participation
  • Expanding reproductive health programs and family support policies

Strengthen nutrition, disease prevention, and maternal health programs.
Improve women’s and girls’ education and life skills
Expand women’s access to credit and economic opportunity

Capacity building and awareness-raising on gender equality and gender mainstreaming for both project staff and beneficiaries are essential in ensuring that gender analyses and planning are applied throughout the project cycle and used to inform project activities.

Capacity building should focus on clarifying key gender concepts, understanding the role of gender analysis and providing practical guidance on how to undertake gender planning for project and program activities

Capacity Building & Leadership Program

To fill the gaps left by the education system, ARK Centre created a capacity-building program, training youth & Women to establish personal goals, build self-esteem, seek solutions for social problems, understand sexual and reproductive health and develop study skills. The first four months of every year consist of weekly meetings where the students participate in a wide range of activities and exercises. The lessons of capacity building enrich and motivate students to become visible leaders within their community.

Entrepreneurship Program

Income generation is an important aspect for the innovative youths & Women and this opportunity has been availed for the youth & women through provision of basic tertiary learning such as computer, tailoring and a future plan of hair dressing, manicure and pedicure Carpentry, welding and construction. This gives the youth and women the opportunity to advance their potential beyond the class curriculum. Due to the fact that we do not much financial support for the capital to the beneficiaries, we are looking options of linking them up with other financial institution to fill in the gap to engaging in micro-enterprises. This has also been coupled by thorough hands on training on managing the small businesses.

In addition ARK Centre also offers trainings and capacity building on Entrepreneurships, basic financial managements, starting and running a business, table banking and revolving scheme among others.

Life saving skills

In securing a future for the disadvantaged youths as well as orphans due to HIV/AIDS preferences in rural and urban slums, ARK CENTRE is establishing a Vocational Studies Centre where different courses are being offered and have equipped the youths with skills to engage in productive activities. Aside Training, The Vocational centers offers psychosocial support and care to youth and other related services and acts as their resource center.

ARK CENTRE offers counseling services to the women, children and youth to address their day to day challenges and create a source of support system for them. Aside counseling, ARK CENTRE has undertaken Career development sessions to individuals and youth groups in different institutions to broaden their career choices and prospects and enable them to make informed choices.