Environment is a critical crosscutting issue in Kenya and the world as a whole, with important linkages to other national priorities like poverty reduction, productive capacity, economic diversification and growth, as well as Health and Education. Environment degradation affects living conditions of the poor households in rural area and urban area alike. Kenya’s households strongly rely on natural resources, as basis for farming, fishing, energy production, and housing among others.

Out thematic areas in this program includes:-

  1. Agricultural policy review, planning and integrated programming in the light of the multifunctional aspect of agriculture, particularly with regard to food security and sustainable development to the care givers;
  2. Ensuring people’s participation and promoting human resource development for sustainable agriculture;
  3. Improving farm production and farming systems through diversification of farm and non-farm employment and infrastructure development;
  4. Land-resource planning information and education for agriculture;
  5. Land conservation and rehabilitation;
  6. Water for sustainable food production and sustainable rural development;
  7. Conservation and sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources for food and sustainable agriculture;
  8. Conservation and sustainable utilization of animal genetic resources for sustainable agriculture;
  9. Integrated pest management and control in agriculture;
  10. Sustainable plant nutrition to increase food production;
  11. Rural energy transition to enhance productivity;