Who we are

ARK CENTRE is a registered NGO’s in Dandora Location, Njiru Sub county in  Nairobi county, Republic of Kenya. It was founded as a Non Governmental Organization in 2011 and registered in the year 2012. The organization aims to address socio-economic challenges and HIV/AIDs related effects that face Orphans and vulnerable children, Women and youth. Challenges that make their livelihoods hard to bear. Two of the issues that ARK CENTRE together with the community identified as the major concerns are increasing rates of unemployment in the community, HIV/AIDS and Poverty. Much of ARK CENTER’s activities have been focused in the urban slums and rural areas because of the highest population owing to its low standards of living. This has also been made possible by the supportive donor community.

Since inception, the organization has been involved in various activities targeting several children as beneficiaries. And the success stories go beyond ensuring approximately 514 children access education at primary, secondary and tertiary level, to responding to the HIV/AIDS pandemic through innovative projects and services hence reducing street children in the community.

The HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to rage throughout world, taking the lives of thousands of precious children, youths and women every year.  ARK Centre programs focus on meeting the physical and emotional needs of orphans and other vulnerable children, youths and Women impacted by this disease and offering critical support services to communities.

Till now the organization has two schools that have a total of about 512 pupils and a total of 27 staffs on full time volunteering basis. All the children eat in school to ensure continuity and concentration of the children in class. They get breakfast that is ( Uji and mandazi) which is 6kg of floor, 3kg of sugar  on a daily basis and lunch which changes from day to day ( beans/ green grams and rice/chapatis) which is 12kgs of either beans / green grams and 20kgs of rice/ 36kgs of wheat floor. Books pens and other learning materials are not provided due to lack of funds and resources even though occasionally we do receive uniform support from well wishers and friends

The Problem

  • Street children and those enguaging in the dump site activities increases each say from the slums of Dandora, Mathare, Korogocho, kariobangi among others
  • It is estimated that 17.8 million children under 18 have been orphaned by AIDS, 85% of which are living in sub-Saharan Africa(UNICEF, 2013)
  • Since the HIV epidemic began in sub-Saharan Africa, 14.8 million children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, 2010)
  • Families and communities are crippled when grandparents or children are left to lead households after the death of one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS.